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Thailand Travel Information

Visa Information

Nationals of the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and most European countries do not require a visa to enter Thailand for up to 30 days.

Airport Departure Taxes

Airport taxes are now included in ticket prices for both domestic and international departures, and you should not have to pay anything at the airport.

Money Matters

The currency in Thailand is called the Baht.
At the time of writing 1 = 48 Baht approx.
US$1 = 32 Baht approx.

Mobile Telephones.

If your mobile phone is enabled for roaming, you will find it works in most places in Thailand.


We strongly recommend you take medical advice from your doctor before visiting any part of South East Asia. He or she will be be able to advise you on the latest health-related recommendations and preventative measures. Water is drinkable in major hotels, but we recommend you stick to bottled water which is available everywhere.

Sensible Precautions.

Thailand is generally a safe destination and visitors rarely experience crime or other difficulties, but please remember that there are bad people everywhere and petty crime can be a problem. Please take sensible precautions as for any 'third-world' country.
Please do not carry passports, important papers or a lot of money when walking in the street: make use of hotel safes where available. Handbags and cameras are tempting targets for thieves, as is ostentatious jewellery or watches.


Thailand lies in the tropical zone and is suitable to visit all the year round. The weather is hot all year but the months between November and March are dryer and a little cooler. April and May tend to be very hot, and from late May to late October rains can be expected, however it is not often that a whole day is ruined by rain: the tropical pattern is for short rainstorms, especially in the afternoon & evening. 

Best time to visit: November to April is best, but all year round is fine.