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Customer's Photo Gallery

We should like to thank our clients who have sent us photos of their holiday with Dragon Travel. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did. Please respect the copyrights in the photographs.

from: ©Ann McRae, Vietnam and Cambodia, March 2018

from: ©Eric Willinscroft, Vietnam and Laos, March 2018

from: ©David and Virginia Adsett, Myanmar, February 2018

from: ©Christina Lane, India (Kerala) November 2017

from: ©Mike & Mary P., Cambodia October 2017

from: ©Jan W., Myanmar January 2017

from: ©Derek & Jean R., India November 2016

from: ©Ron & Ann R., India November 2016

from: ©Julian & Yolanda M., Bhutan and Bangladesh November 2015

from: ©Ken & W., Myanmar November 2015

from: ©Mike & Rosie T., Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand January 2014

from: ©Jennifer & Trevor L., Myanmar December 2013

from: ©Susan O, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos August 2013

from: ©Chris & Sue J., Myanmar March 2013

from: ©Brian & Sonia C., Bhutan November 2012

from: ©Graeme & Barbara Andrewartha, China October 2012

from: ©Brian Johnson, Bhutan March 2011

from: ©David and Margaret Bishop, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia &Vietnam March 2011

from: ©Sylvia Firth, Vietnam February 2011

from: ©Alan Trick & Anna Lawrence, Laos February 2011

from: ©Bob & Gertrud Porter, Myanmar February 2011

from: ©Peter Andreae, Borneo, October 2010

from: ©Harold & Hasje Mousley, Vietnam November 2010

from: ©Dennis & Judith Smith, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, December 2010

from: ©Julian & Yolanda Murphy, Myanmar, December 2010

from: ©Michael & Mary Parry, Myanmar, November 2010

from: ©David Shewry, Laos March 2010

from: ©Robert & Val Child, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos January 2010

from: ©Peter Goodhew, Vietnam & Cambodia September 2009

from: ©Angus Forsyth & Susan Kaleda, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, August 2009

from: ©Graeme Andrewartha, Myanmar, Cambodia & Thailand, March 2009

from: ©Peter Banwell, Thailand, Laos & Cambodia February 2009
more lovely photos by Billie Shamash of Mandalay, Burma <here >
..and of Inle Lake, Burma <here >
..and of Siem Reap, Cambodia <here >
..and of Phnom Penh, Cambodia <here >

from: ©Billie Shamash, Myanmar (Bagan) December 2008

from: ©Billie Shamash, Myanmar (Yangon, Bago & Golden Rock) December 2008

from: ©Peter and Joan Cuthbert, Vietnam 2008

from: ©Andrew Nehan, Laos 2008

from: ©Richard McManus, Vietnam 2008

from: ©Dr. Charles Swithinbank, Myanmar 2008

from: ©Joop & Annelies Wigman, Laos & Thailand 2008

from: ©Jonathan Bodsworth, Cambodia 2007

from: ©Colin Pryce, Vietnam & Cambodia 2007

from: ©William Browning, Vietnam & Cambodia 2006