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Laos Charities: LEOT

LEOT is a UK-based charity working to help disadvantaged
young people in Laos fulfil their potential.

Dragon Travel client Peter Banwell writes:

"It was during the winter of 2007 that my wife Catriona and I planned a visit to South East Asia that included a ten-day visit to Laos. It was late February of 2008 when we set out with an ambitious programme planned for us by Dragon. We enjoyed our time in Thailand and Vietnam but our special memories are of Laos.

During our stay we toured by road assisted by our fantastic guide Phet and our driver Mr Sun. Not only did we stay in Luang Prabang and Vientiane but we also visited Vang Vieng and the wonderful Plain of Jars. During our travels we stopped in villages inhabited not only by the Hmong people but also their livestock and water buffalo. We saw many children at the roadside beating long grasses to get rid of the seeds hoping to sell the dried stalks as sweeping brushes. We came home with the memories of many warm smiles and of a beautiful country that although very poor had great dignity.

We were determined to find a way of giving a little back. So with the help of Google I tracked down a small UK charity called LEOT. The goal of the charity is to provide young disadvantaged people within Laos with educational support. Currently the charity supports eleven students who are studying courses at all levels ranging from English Language to University Studies and from an apprentice electrician to a trainee policeman.

This year we were lucky enough to return to Laos for a second time. As members of LEOT we were lucky enough to meet all our students spending some time with them discussing their studies and their expectations for the future. They are a great bunch of young people grateful for the help that LEOT has given them and keen to fulfil their potentials with their new skills.

LEOT students

If you would like to know more of the work of LEOT please click on our logo above and it will take you to our web site. We are always looking for new members so why not spend a couple of minutes learning about our goals."

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